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At Columbus Boudoir we have a 2000 square foot gorgeous loft studio dedicated to boudoir photography! Our studio is in downtown Columbus with hard wood floors, brick walls, 20 amazing large windows, gorgeous furniture and sets for your boudoir photographs! 

We have a cute private makeup room and dressing room with some amazing accessories and shoes to help you get that just right look in your session! I will let the photos speak for themselves!I mean it is gorgeous, check out the photos below!

One Outfit and In the Sheets set , full makeup and hair styling = $375.00

Two Outfits and In the Sheets set , full makeup and hair styling = $525.00 

Three Outfit and In the Sheets set , full makeup and hair styling = $675.00  MOST POPULAR

(Additional outfits added will be $150 per outfit) 


the studio

SAVE with a Collection purchased at booking Added to your session fee above


Your session starts with a pampering makeover with the hair and makeup artist! We will offer you water, coffee, a complementary glass of champagne or a mimosa to start you off with lots of chatting and music while we get you ready for your session. We will look at all your outfits, and see what works best for you and create a plan for the shoot.

Many women walk in feeling so nervous and saying “I have never done this before” and I assure you, everyone feels that way. But do yourself a favor, and trust me. You will have a blast, you will be glad you did it, and you will want to do it again! So go ahead and relax and just have fun!

You will have approximately 2 hour photo session with Heather Walker, Photographer and Owner of Columbus Boudoir. You may have up to 3 outfits and optional ‘nothing but the sheets’ set will yield you approximately 60+ retouched images to view/order from.

You will have your private in studio ordering session approximately 1 week after your shoot.
If you have any other specific questions, I would love to chat with you further. 

Please fill out our contact form to be emailed complete pricing for the collections and a la carte menu.

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I love shooting boudoir photography. It is an amazing feeling to have a woman come in unsure and "hoping" we get some good shots of her. I know that we will. I am so excited to show her that. I am a detail oriented person. When I look through the lens there is so much I see.... I see You, I see the expression, I see how you are feeling, I see the light, and more... I always take time to make sure that I am showing each client in the best light I can. Showing her looking amazing, sexy, happy and give her a gift of that self confidence, as well as the gift she is doing for her significant other!

As I process your images, I look for details... if it is a detail that adds to the image, we enhance it. Like gorgeous eyes, sexy lips, the glow on the hair. If I see something distracting, poof...it is gone! We want your images to be magazine quality... so I look over each image and make sure it is amazing! We don't over do our editing though to create some version of a woman that isn't recognizable. That isn't sexy. What is sexy is the real woman, glowing and beaming, with the looks she is giving the camera as she exudes confidence.

These images are created in a day...but will last a lifetime. These are images that you will treasure. They hold forever what you were like at this time in your life, and that is something you want to look back on fondly! I will work with you before the session to help with outfit choices, accessories, hair and makeup recommendations. I work with you at the studio and all through the shoot to have you feel comfortable and to get the best images possible. And I work with your images afterwards to pick the best possible shots to show you at your best!

At our studio, you are the star. We work with you to create images of your beauty that will be something you treasure! This is why I love boudoir photography. I love to be a part of this experience. I love showing beauty and helping bring it to the forefront for some women that deny it is there. It is there for all of us, let us show it off! Now lets have fun! Give me a call to chat over all the details!  

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She coached me through each pose and even taught me which facial expression to use and how!  All of the shots were classy, elegant and sexy all at the same time. 

There wasn't one image that he didn't like. Each image captured something different about me that he loved. This experience and all of the images from this shoot will be something that we both will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Heather immediately made feel at ease

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I was so excited about the prospect of the shoot, but when the day finally arrived I was a bit nervous. But Heather made me feel very comfortable, and it also helped that my make-up and hair was in good hands. (It was gorgeous!) Having never modeled before, I wasn't sure what to do or what would look good. Again, Heather to the rescue! She directed me in different poses that she knew would transfer beautifully into a photograph.

When it was time to review my pictures, I admit I was a little anxious, after all, I'm no model! But when I laid eyes on them, I certainly felt like I was! For the first time in my life I looked at a picture of myself and said, That's pretty! Wow! These pictures are beautiful!
These are pictures I will cherish forever. I felt feminine, classy, romantic, sexy. And I am so happy I finally had them taken.  Heather was very professional, and I would recommend Columbus Boudoir to any woman who is looking to feel the same way I did following my shoot. 

such a fun experience

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I can't thank you enough for making me feel so comfortable and look so beautiful at my shoot. I loved that you took time to get to know me and know how much I wanted to capture these photos for my husband AND for me. At 45 years old, 17 years of marriage and 3 kiddos later- I'm so proud of these pictures! I have recommended this wonderful experience you create to just about every friend I have. I cant thank you enough and look forward to doing it again at 55!

I'm so proud of these pictures!

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I had an extremely positive experience at Columbus Boudoir Photography and highly recommend them to anyone wanting a special gift for their partner. I knew my husband would appreciate such a present for Valentines Day. However, being over 35 and having had children, I was concerned with how well I would appear in photographs. I was also worried I would feel self-conscious during the session. Heather immediately put me at ease and could not have been more reassuring and professional. Heather discussed the style of my photographs and the comfort level I had with poses. I was candid with her about certain areas I didn't want to highlight and she creatively worked around them. My husband loved the photos! I am thrilled that I decided to step outside my usual comfort zone to do this and gratified that I chose Columbus Boudoir.

My husband loved the photos!

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Learn from Heather Walker, a professional photographer with over 25 years as a pro photographer.

Columbus Boudoir Photography is renowned for its gorgeous boudoir photography both in and around Columbus, Ohio. Heather has many clients travel to her from throughout the United States. Heather has received countless requests from other photographers looking for her insight and instruction in this specialty field. In response, she offers this unique, one-on-one mentoring program, to share her love of boudoir photography and give others the opportunity to learn from her successful experience.

The Columbus Boudoir Mentoring Program is structured around a full day and tailored to a participating photographers unique needs. This ensures the most in-depth, effective learning experience possible. Heather will take personal requests for topics and customize sessions accordingly. Such topics can include studio equipment, boudoir lighting, posing and practice with a live model, post processing. Photographers with a new business can discuss how to run a successful boudoir photography studio, general marketing, and ideas on building your boudoir brand.

save yourself the learning curve

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